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Remembering the other; a reflection of Auschwitz.

To a reader who may dream a dream… This photograph may not look like anything much, but this is actually the exterior of the gas chambers at Auschwitz. I sat silently staring at it for nearly an hour last year. … Continue reading

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What would happen if my fantasy dinner party came to life?

I’ve often been inclined to drill people about who they would have at over for dinner if mortality, social location and geography were no barrier. My fantasy dinner party always changed, but there were a couple of guests who made … Continue reading

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I need it for you; a personal response to #Women Against feminism.

Over the past few weeks, my Facebook seems to have been flooded with angry status updates about #Women against feminism… Like my most friends, I’m angry that we’ve come to a point where so many women misunderstand a movement which has … Continue reading

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My tragic love affair with the International Airport…

I came back to Melbourne nearly three months ago, and am now filled with an intense desire to leave again… It’s not that I hate being here, it’s just that I feel like life is at its most interesting and … Continue reading

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And suddenly I’m writing a blog.

It was recently suggested to me that I start a blog. My first thought was that blog is a very strange word. And, that I’m not sure how the word and it’s meaning correlate. A strange sounding word that rhymes … Continue reading

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