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Remembering the other; a reflection of Auschwitz.

To a reader who may dream a dream… This photograph may not look like anything much, but this is actually the exterior of the gas chambers at Auschwitz. I sat silently staring at it for nearly an hour last year. … Continue reading

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The motivation to blog; a love letter to cyberspace.

Dear cyberspace, I very secretly started this blog early last year, and posted a few times then pretty much forgot about it. I guess it slipped away into the abyss of things I started and never finished, ideas I had … Continue reading

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‘Confronting’ the burqa: An open letter to Prime Minister Abbot.

Last week, I shared an open letter to former prime minister Julia Gillard. In light of the current prime minister, Tony Abbott’s recent remarks on the burqa, I decided to write another open letter. This time to the Australia’s current … Continue reading

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Make it count: An open letter to former Australian Prime-minister Ms Julia Gillard.

Dear Ms Gillard, When I first heard that you had been stood down as Australia’s prime minister, I was sitting on a 747 bound for Abu Dhabi, just about to depart Melbourne. I can remember that instant very clearly, the … Continue reading

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The refugee from the future.

Inspired by this week’s writing challenge- That’s absurd I gave writing an absurd tale a try… ‘My parents came here for a better life’ he said placing his hand upon her knee. ‘And did they find one?’ she asked cautiously. She … Continue reading

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Seven Tankas of my arrival…

(Inspired by The daily post weekly writing challenge Full Tanka) The year I was born, The miners had gone on strike, From womb I was torn, White room full of white strangers, Privacy comodified.   Nineteen eighty four, Coal coated … Continue reading

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What would happen if my fantasy dinner party came to life?

I’ve often been inclined to drill people about who they would have at over for dinner if mortality, social location and geography were no barrier. My fantasy dinner party always changed, but there were a couple of guests who made … Continue reading

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