The motivation to blog; a love letter to cyberspace.

Dear cyberspace,

I very secretly started this blog early last year, and posted a few times then pretty much forgot about it. I guess it slipped away into the abyss of things I started and never finished, ideas I had and never accomplished. I like to think of myself as a what my mother would call a ‘doer’ and not a ‘gonna’… But I guess not telling anyone meant that I wasn’t accountable to actually continue blogging.

I always wrote as a matter of instinct, I wrote poetry in history class whilst I was supposed to be learning about the battle of Hastings. And when my teacher discovered my poetry and threw it away, I wrote about how much I detested them in poorly worded notes to my girlfriends who sat beside me.

As an adult I’ve continued to write when I’m  happy, when I’m sad, when I’m hopeful and when I’m disillusioned. I write about the people I love, I write about the places I love. When I want to let those I love know how I feel, I write it down, because honestly, when it comes to the things that I care about, I find it easier to write than I do to talk.

So I guess my reason for blogging is because I want to share the things I care about with others. And for me, the written word is the easiest medium of doing so.

So from here on in cyberspace, I aspire to share my passion for the written word wholeheartedly. And I promise not to keep our romance a secret 😉

Love Lorelei. x

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2 Responses to The motivation to blog; a love letter to cyberspace.

  1. Steve chapman says:

    Your love affair (with the English language) continues
    Long may it continue

  2. Clare/ MuggleCreator says:

    I’m addicted to words too – reading them, writing them….
    Long may the love last.

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