The refugee from the future.

Inspired by this week’s writing challenge- That’s absurd I gave writing an absurd tale a try…

‘My parents came here for a better life’ he said placing his hand upon her knee. ‘And did they find one?’ she asked cautiously. She was always cautious when she was with him, There was so much about his manner that put him on edge… He’d seen so many things in his life, spent so many years as an outsider. She had heard that his family had been among the first refugees to arrive, and back then they had really suffered. He snorted and smiled, ‘well I guess I’m still working out what a better life is supposed to be…’ he threw his head back, downing the last of his beer. She shifted uncomfortably beside him, wondering how he could drink so much and still speak so clearly.

‘Did your mother warn you about boys like me?’ he asked her. ‘Well, of course she did. She’d die if she knew I was with you… My mother is a true victorian lady… She still refuses to bear her ankles.’ She declared proudly. ‘You say that like it’s a good thing…’ He pulled her closer again.

At first those who traveled from the future to seek refuge in the past were not liked or cared for… But with them they had brought tools and ideas that made life easier and unconscionable stories of the world as it would become. Not to mention their apparent aspirations to save the humanity from it’s own destiny, and these things had ensured their eventual acceptance.

The refugees had chosen the turn of the century as their destination because they said that this was when the world had begun to change for the worse, when all nations had began to become alike and economies had begun to centre around corporations rather than state.

‘But mixed marriages are so frowned upon!’ she said suddenly pulling away from his kiss. He responded quickly: ‘Love is love, and people are people, it doesn’t matter what time they come from!’ The futurites spoke so strangely, the girl thought to herself.

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1 Response to The refugee from the future.

  1. mmmmm intrigued I would like to know more about the characters, period it is set in, and the countries they came from, and ended up in. I don’t like him already, he sounds like a brute. She sounds like a wimp. More clarity is needed for me here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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