Road-testing Facebook as a cure for writer’s block.

I’ve felt the inclination to write some poetry for days now, but have been creatively crippled by both writer’s block and the thesis looming over my head demanding that I knuckle down and make a start on it… So I turned to social media for inspiration.
I asked my Facebook friends for a topic/sentence to write a poem about and gave myself ten minutes to write each one. An hour later, the creative juices were flowing again.

Here are two examples that I actually don’t mind:

Topic: Supressed desire & ‘Jean Harlow was a blonde’
I’m fed up with love he said silently to the girl,
Holding out his open arms as strode away again.
Her eyes upon the sky, her nose in the air.
I laid my soul on the line he gushed,
And not an ounce of her could care.

He closed his eyes and imagined her falling asleep beside him,
Her colourless hair strewn across his pillow case,
What was it that made her tongue so sharp, so bitter.
Jean Harlow was a blonde like her,
Although she was a movie star not a dragon babysitter.

If only this were not a dream of sorts,
His desire sat like heavy cream in his finger tips,
Waiting to caress she, so unreachable and yet so bold,
He was not a brute, he was quite the catch he knew.
In denying him Daenerys, oh how the world was cold.

Topic: He always spoke in code
He always spoke in code.
He always choked on my smoke.
He always wore skinny jeans.
He always declared himself oh-so-well-read.
He always said it was well known.
He always watched himself in the mirror.
He always feigned reluctance.
He always pretended to be uncertain.
He always really knew the answers.
He always held me close.
He always held me too tight.
He always spoke of that which I lacked.
He always reminded me of the space between.
He always said she was better than me.
He always remained in my memory.
He always made sure I fell upon his words.
He always hid his wounds that had never healed.
He always walked away when I was cold.
He always gave himself away and was left hanging there alone.
He always suffered when I said nothing.
He always remembered me as a women who steals.

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2 Responses to Road-testing Facebook as a cure for writer’s block.

  1. i love he always its beautiful without being took too romantic , buy guess how one defines romantic. do you want another topic??

  2. Thanks a lot! Hmmm… for the moment I’m fine, but next time I’ve got writer’s block, I’ll be sure to ask you for one!

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