And suddenly I’m writing a blog.

It was recently suggested to me that I start a blog.

My first thought was that blog is a very strange word. And, that I’m not sure how the word and it’s meaning correlate. A strange sounding word that rhymes with clog somehow is indicative of some kind of online chronicle or journal.

My second thought was that perhaps atheists have more blogs than non-atheists. After all, if one has no religious beliefs, when one is dead, they’re just dead. But if you have a blog, then you’re pretty much immortalised in cyberspace. And that’s an immortality that anyone can have, regardless of who you are, what you are, or even how good you’re writing is. Which is kind of a surreal thought, and perhaps also a comforting one to those who might identify as non-believers.

As someone who spends most days as an agnostic, some as an Atheist and the occasional one reading tarot cards, I think I’d better hedge my bets.

So here’s to pursuing immortality in cyberspace.

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